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Стихиры и тропарь преподобному Назарию Валаамскому

Стихиры и тропарь преподобному Назарию Валаамскому (†1809, память 23 февраля), составленные (на английском языке) приснопамятным иеромонахом Серафимом (Роузом), воспроизводятся по изданию: Nazarius of Valaam, Elder. Little Russian Philokalia, vol. 2. Platina, 1983. Pp. 121 – 122. За помощь в отыскании и копировании этих текстов я сердечно благодарю митрофорного протоиерея Петра Перекрестова (Сан-Франциско).

Blessed Abbot Nazarius
Stichera composed in his honor by Fr. Seraphim Rose
On “L
ord, I have cried,” Tone 1, to the Speciai Melody, “Rejoicing of the Heavenly Hierarchies”:
Ye islands of Valaam, rejoice, * be glad, ye forest of Sarov, * in you hath shone forth a wondrous teacher, * the glorious Nazarius, * who enlightened a multitude of monks * with the rays of true patristic teaching, * and taught all to wage unceasing warfare * against the world, the flesh, and the devil * unto the salvation of their souls.
Dance for joy, ye waters of Ladoga, * leap up, O brook Sarovka, * by your side walked the wondrous anchorite, * the abbot and instructor of many monks, * the wise Elder Nazarius * who could not be hid in the wilderness, * but was placed upon a candlestand * that he might shine for the salvation of our souls.
Instructor of St. Herman, * and conversor with our holy Father Seraphim, * O Nazarius, wise in God, * by thine angelic life and teaching, * thou wast a model for holy men, * a theologian by virtue of thy life in God. * Now dwelling in the choirs of those who praise God without ceasing * do thou entreat Him to save our souls.
GLORY, Tone 5
To the Special Melody “R
ejoice, O Life-giving Cross”
(From the Letter of St. Herman from Alaska to his beloved Elder, Abbot Nazarius, 1795)
Rejoice in the Lord, O most blessed and most honorable Father Nazarius, * together with thy Valaam brethren in Christ: * Thy paternal kindness and deeds of love towards my lowliness * shall in no way ever be erased from my heart: * neither the terrible impassable Siberian wilds, * nor its dark forests; * neither the rapids of great rivers, * nor the mighty ocean can quench these feelings of mine; * for in my mind I imagine my beloved Valaam, * and constantly behold it across the waters of the great ocean.
Humility is thy power, * patience thy rampart, * and love crowns all thy ways, * O Nazarius, chieftain leader of Valaam monks. * Call us to duty and order * that we may inherit God’s heavenly realm.
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